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V.I. Daily News in Google News !

The growing power of technology and the Internet were not on the front burner for most of us liming in the V.I. sun and sailing waters back when.

(Heck, we celebrated if the lights stayed on continuously for 24 hours!) Now 30 years later, that technology helps us remember things we've long forgotten or that may have passed us by.

Click here to check out this library of pre-1981 V.I. Daily News editions at Google News !

Petition to save Vessup Beach on St Thomas !

Tell our lawmakers that the repeal of the Save Vessup Beach law they slid under the radar screen on Monday 11/22/10 is unacceptable and that their support is needed for the re-introduction of the Vessup law immediately. The law will be identical in its scope as the previous law that was repealed, that USVI governments acquire the beach by eminant domain to be made a park for the people of the US Virgin Islands in perpetuity, instead of another private resort development.

Click here for the V.I. Daily News article reporting the Lame Duck V.I. Senate session.

Vessup Bay development update : St Thomas Source : Feb 2011

Click here to be redirected to the Care2Petition website (the petition closed out in April'11 with 421 signatures).

"Outboard Terry" Brenay

Terry's local nickname suggests he's a sought after mechanic in the boating community.

Karen & Larry on s/v 'Wild Wind'

Worked at Fanfare Charters with Jack Kennelly (his charter fleet company lovingly referred to locally as "Rent A Wreck"). Larry tried to keep Jack from buying more boats and maintain the ones that he already had. Karen ran the office for him. Karen also worked for a couple of years at the VICL in Charlotte Amalie.

Robin Thomas

Windsurfer, air charter pilot, airplane and windsurfer performance modifications. Moved to Daytona Beach, post-hurricane Marilyn.

Click here for photo and info at Robin's website

Tim Peck

"Awlgrip Tim" of the East End Independent boatyard

Jean Braure on s/v "MuMu II"

Mike Woodward

Installed a fish aquarium to meet "live entertainment" requirements of an early bar on the backside of the original Red Hook Shopping Center.

Per Dohm

Original water taxi to and from St John

Marty Carlson & family on s/v "Bandersnatch"

Marine surveyor

Stoekens - Peter, Pat, Paul - s/v 'Independence'

Click here to sail on 'Independence'

Steve & June Marsh on s/v "Nightwind"

Colin Probyn

Walter Fischer

Grybowski's - Kirk, Judy, Paul

An East End resident in Vessup Bay, Kirk was director of the Virgin Islands Emergency Management Agency when Hurricane Marilyn hit STT in 1995.

Paul was the proprietor of Cafe Amici and Palm Passage Cafe in Charlotte Amalie until 1997.

Jack Kappelman

Founded Rotary East in the early 70's, was its President for the first two years, and was an active member for 30 years. Owner and proprietor of 'Slip Away' in Red Hook in the 80's. Also known as 'Java Jack' when he operated a wholesale coffee and spice distribution business. Was the first property manager at Cowpet Bay East. Jack passed away in June 2002, survived by his wife Vicki and other family members and relatives.

Sue Robuck

Frank Gazarek ~ Caribbean Inflatables

"Little Doug" Cheney

Roxanne ~ Compass Point Canvas

Billy & Lisa Walker

Chris & Evelyn Nye

Tim Rogers

Musician, Sailor, AYH 'A' Dock

Scott Nichols | s/v 'Satori'

I think Scotty bought Satori from her previous owners Gay & Ed Thompson. Most people don't realize or remember that the vessel is ferro-cement, making for a very different haulout and other maintenance.

Larry - Poor Man's Bar

Dennis Yarnell

"The Floating Hilton"

Skip & Andrea King

Mary & Steve Grubb

Marcus Compton

"The Fiddler" Dick Solberg & The Sun Mountain Band

Visiting musicians. Pre-95, I'm not sure, but definitely part of the Latitude 18 and East End fabric.

Morgan Whalen

Visiting musician, driving around in his "Van Whalen".

Click here for Morgan's music, playing at Horsefeathers at the Red Hook Docks in the 80's

Jimmy Buffet

Not a resident, but his music certainly set many moods ! Seen down island now and then.

George Larsen

James Reed & Sharna

Howard 'Howie' Payne

John Phillips

Consummate sailboarder and proprietor of East End Windsurfing, originally at the old Sapphire Beach Hotel when the buildings were small bungalows, now at Vessup Beach near Latitude 18.

Kenny Klein

Kenny hails from a sailing family. His father Ken represented the USVI in both the ’67 Pre Olympic Trials at Mexico City and in ’72 Olympics at Kiel, Germany. Kenny won the gold at the Caribbean and Central American Games in Cuba in windsurfing in ’82.

Perennial Cruisers

'German Harry' & Irma

Art & Joan Schuck ~ s/v 'That's It'

Dave Keene ~ s/v 'Keen Spirit'

David ~ Bimini Yacht Charters

Bimini's Manager, my last vivid memory of him was managing his charter fleet from his boat cockpit because he couldn't come ashore due to an expired Canadian visa. I think his boats were first located on the docks near the original Horsefeathers in Red Hook, then Compass Point.

Tina (Roberts)

Most recent proprietor of 'Bottoms Up' at East End Independent boatyard, succeeding Larry Sorrenson and Bill Caton, among others along the way.

David Keene ~ s/v 'Keene Spirit'

Les Anderson

Artist and sailor.

Click here for bio info thru Nancy Terrell's journal.

Parker Hall

Sailor and artist.

Johnny Harms

John & Carol Ackley

Ackley Communications

Little Billy

Ingrained in the fabric of 1980's Red Hook

Freddie Rabuse


Lightening Phil


Mighty Whitey


Andrew Douglas

Marine store and steel pan musician

Austin Gumbs

Billy & Lisa Walker

Rick & Cheryl Holmberg

Cheryl passed October 2015. R.I.P.

Sharon & Ray Allen s/v 'Winifred'

Skip & Andrea King

Island Yachts

Tom & Denny Warner

Denny a plank owner in the Joshua Slocum sailing society. Frequent visitor. His son Tom, a chef at several restaurants, including Latitude 18 at Vessup Point Marina.

Horsefeathers Sally and her Featherettes

Celia, Pam, Maggie . . .

Bob & Phyllis Brown

Son sailed 'Rocket' in the sailing circuit.

Jimmy the Greek

Proprietor of Zorba's Greek restaurant downtown.

Hugh & Barbara Hunte

Hugh the musician and sailor. Barbara the consummate hostess. Both gregarious and most upbeat friendly personalities.

Carol & Allan Mowbray & Pal

Lived in the Lagoon. He was an electrician ?

Chris Gude & Arial on s/v 'Margie K'

Chris was an "early on" lady skipper and chartered an Out Island 41 s/v 'Margie K'. Sister to John Gude who founded Atlantic Motors.

Bill Caton on m/v 'Notac'

Lived on his trawler 'Notac' (his last name spelled backwards). Bill was the Head Inspector General, Department of Interior in the U.S. Virgin Islands, responsible for auditing the local government. Upon retiring, he became the proprietor of 'Bottoms Up' at the East End boatyard, where a memorial service was held for him after he passed on.

Carol King

Established East End Secretarial.

Ernie & Carol Schaeffer

From Baltimore, proprietors of the Three Virgins Restaurant

Tom Coulter

Tugboat fleet.

Robin & Linda Luke

Established Island Yachts.

Robin wrote and was made somewhat famous by
Susy Darlin'

From Robin's bio on his web page he did a stint at the College of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas, A.V.I. from 1977 until 1984, where he put together their MBA and MPA (public administration) programs.


Bruce Johnson

Marine surveyor

Jim Snodgrass on s/v "Bronwyn"

(No, that's not 'Bronwyn' that Jim is on in this recent photo provided by JMR)

Ken ~ s/v 'Odyssey'

David ~ LST 'Jaws'

Rick ~ s/v 'Fantasy'

Dottie Daughtry on her Front Porch at Compass Point

Marcy s/v 'Running Horses' or 'Darker Horses' ??

Teacher at Eudora Kean High School

Neil Lewis ~ s/v 'Alexander Hamilton'

Bill & Sue Beer ~ s/v 'True Love'

'True Love' also captained by Maxine Lavitt and Will Howe

Bill's bio and obituary

Ron Arens on s/v "Alaunt"

Will Howe

David Strickland

Starting in 1967 I lived in Cruz Bay (chartering "Souris"
with my wife), then we went to Little Dix, Virgin Gorda, then St
Thomas, first renting an apartment up the hill at Red Hook next door
to Neil Lewis -- last heard of plying the French canals. Then
various other places.

Managed to avoid the hurricanes (moved to Florida in the late 80s)
and was in the area on my boat in the mid-80s.

The Cruz Bay days are long gone, but I hope some of the denizens
still linger above ground. I worked for Gil Congdon (he's dead) and
Henry Mongie at Trade Wind Charters and remember the town's quiet
period, as it was then, enjoying cocktails at Gallows Point, then
owned by Richard "Duke" Ellington. Other names: John and Jean Mason
on "Sixpence"; Kees de Graaf (?sp).

I saw Billy Walker's name here on the blog (worked with him at Antilles Yachting), along with Gumbs and Bill and Sue Beer.

Friends Departed

In memory of island friends who have passed on.
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